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Many of you must be expecting a phone call or an email which says “ Dear XYZ, we are pleased to inform you that the ABC university has approved your application” right?.  I know this sounds so amazing because it’s the dream of every one of us to live abroad.

Many of you must be finding the best universities from all around the world for higher education. Searching for study abroad opportunities can be a hectic experience. You consider a lot of things such as what degree to pursue and which university to join. It is a long list of thoughts.

Intrusive Thoughts:

When we students decide to go abroad for further studies. Several questions come to our minds. Like:

  1. L. Am I making the right choice?
  2. L. Am I ready? Will I survive on my own in a different country?
  3. L. How much time it will take to get a part-time job, so I can bear my expenses?
  4. L. What if I get sick? who will take care of me? And so on….

It’s stressful but this is completely normal. Anyone can have these feelings and fears whether to stay in your country or travel to study abroad. Just stay calm and “follow your dreams, forget your fears”.

Dreaming About Abroad:

Exploring, traveling, and living abroad are all things that I am passionate about that’s why I also decided to get my Master’s degree abroad.  I also had the same questions in my mind but as I’ve always told myself “not to give up on your dreams”.

And The Search Begins…

I had to start my search for finding a perfect destination for study. I was searching and searching, . I always wanted a non-traditional study abroad experience, filled with outside adventures, gets me close to nature.

Oh, I found One…

I dig a little deeper and my google search recommended the beautiful little country “New Zealand”. I found enough points to consider New Zealand as my study destination which I would like to share with you all.  As some of you are still confused and don’t know how to search for details and what points to consider to choose the best for you. J and if you don’t  have time to search because you have deadlines to meet. There are many Assignment Writing Service New Zealand offers to students who can benefit from it.

So, If you’re searching for a study program that

  1. fits your academic needs.
  2. offers a life-changing experience.
  3. brings you closer to nature than you’ve ever been.

New Zealand might be the best choice for you.

According to my research…

Why Consider New Zealand For Studies

Let’s Go and Explore about Why New Zealand for higher education.

1. QS World University Rankings

Seven New Zealand institutions are among the top 500 universities in the world, as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  1. The University of Canterbury
  2. The University of Auckland
  3. The University of Otago
  4. Victoria University of Wellington
  5. Auckland University of Technology
  6. Massey University
  7. University of Waikato

are the top-ranking universities worldwide. The University of Auckland ranked 82nd among them.

2. Scholarships for International Students

Well, you cannot study for free in New Zealand. With New Zealand study abroad scholarships, you can come a bit closer! International students can apply for many scholarships in the Pacific region! Several colleges in New Zealand, in particular, give scholarships to exchange students.

3. Friendly Visa Procedures

A student visa is compulsory if you are enrolled in a program that lasts longer than three months. New Zealand improves its visa application process regularly to make it more student-friendly. Within 20-30 days, more than 90% of student visa applications are processed. The government also encourages international students to continue after graduation.

4. Happiest And Safest Place

New Zealand came in second place out of 163 countries in the Global Peace Index 2021. Foreign students, mainly female students, can feel safe in this pleasant country. New Zealand is the only non-European country in the top ten of the world happiness report.

5. New Zealanders “The Friendliest People”

During my research what I’ve read, New Zealanders are generally friendly to visitors. Most of the time, the locals help international students to assist them in adjusting to their new environment.

6. Affordable Education

In New Zealand, the average tuition cost for various degrees ranges from US$ 15,000 to US$ 19,000. In comparison to tuition fees in the United States (beginning about US$25,000), Australia (US$ 16,000 to US$ 29,000), and the United Kingdom (starting around US$ 18,000).

Start Your Journey Now

There are many more reasons to study in New Zealand (I haven’t even mentioned the breathtaking scenery), but maybe this has made your interest and given you some ideas. J Whereas, I found New Zealand quite easy to pursue my higher education as compared to other countries. Go make your own experience!

How To Write a Business Research Paper?

How To Write A Business Research Paper? - A Simple Guide For Students

“To find, search, analyze, and then conclude is the golden path to research”

A research paper is a fulfilling achievement. It is a significant milestone in your academic career that pays off well later in your professional life. When you compose your research paper, you gain experience in composing an extensive and official document. This makes it easier for you to compose such documents in your professional life. But writing a research paper requires discipline and analytical thinking.

Without these two qualities, your research paper will take longer than expected.
Therefore, one should make sure to follow few steps to make your research paper worth reading.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an essay or assignment that produces adds information to the existing one of a topic. It is a paper that talks about a topic in-depth. Addresses all the aspects of the topic to make sure that the reader gathers better data about a topic. Most research papers are written by academic scholars and students in specific journals.

These journals have a very strong screening process. They analyze the research paper in depth. Check the references, verify the sources and have a one on one interview with the writer itself.

To compose a relevant research paper, one has to carefully use the steps. Writing your research paper should be an easy task once you get the gist of the tips.

Why Business Studies is Popular in Education?

The subject Business Studies is one of the most popular subjects. More and more students are enrolling in the business studies degree program. But why? Could it be due to the increase in business interest among the Millenials and Gen Z? There are many reasons why business studies are frequently chosen by students. Let us have a look into them, shall we?

  • As a student of Business Studies, you learn skills such as management, administration, and authority.
  • Business Studies subjects build characteristics such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation in students.
  • You understand how professional life works. You learn how to fulfill goals at an ideal time.
  • Since you are related to different industries when you study business studies. You learn how other companies and businesses function.
  • Business studies allow you to incorporate your passion with your field of study. Do you like to bake pastries? You can open up a bakery shop, use your business skills to make it a success.

How to Write a Business Research Paper?

Over the years students and professors have written many exceptional business research papers. These papers have served their purpose of contributing relevant information to their field. If you want your research paper to be remarkable, then you have to mimic what these scholars have done. We have a guide for you that will help you write your business research paper flawlessly.

1. Pick the correct topic

If you thinking about a research paper, you probably have a topic in your mind. There must be a research gap you noticed in your academic career. Or you are just passionate about the topic. But does that does not mean that you can pick any topic you like? You have to be very sure about your topic. You need to have confidence in your topic.

Picking a topic that you are emotional about, will make you blind to its limitations. You need to be sure that the topic you picked has a solid background for your literature review and that the topic can defend itself in case someone does a thorough examination of your research paper.

2. Collect the relevant information

When you want to discuss your research topic, you collect information on it. You check background, history, current and future predictions about the topic. But if the information is not valid or relevant, it doesn’t take much time for your research paper to be rejected. Therefore, make sure the information you are providing to the masses is compatible with the objective of your topic.

For example, if your topic is about “Is there an immediate growth in online market places, due to the global pandemic?”

This topic requires tons of background research and comparison with current affairs. Your research paper should include statistics about the online marketplace. Get the proper data about the growth in the marketplace and also the reason for the decrease in the conventional marketplace.

3. Construct an outline

An outline will reduce the number of human errors you make. When you have a solid outline in front of you, then composing an official document will be a piece of cake. An outline will include the proper structure required to make the research paper. Most students do not know how to write a business research paper because they do not believe in the power of an outline. Being organized with your points will pay off when it’s time to write.

4. Have it proofread

Before you hand in your business assignment help you have your classmate proofread to maintain the quality. In the same way, you have to have your business research paper checked by a classmate or a service that offers such service.

Structure of Business Research Paper

The structure of a business research paper should be concise and precise. There should not be any vague points in the research, every element should be addressed properly. The only way to make your research paper a solid one is by keeping the structure strong. But what is the right structure? You need to be well acquainted with different business research papers to be sure of how to structure them.

The Introduction

One of the most significant chapters of your research paper is the introduction. It should be well structured. The first impression is the last impression when it comes to introduction.

You have to keep the structure flowing pleasantly. To do that one should make sure to introduce the topic in three W’s. What your topic is about? Why do you want to research it? And What methodology will you use to do it?

Literature Review

A literature review holds the most of the value when it comes to comparing the distribution of data in your research paper. The chapter of literature review has so much weight that it is often known as the heart of the research paper or thesis.

The structure of the literature review should be flawless. Even the tiniest mistakes can make your literature review weak and as a student, you cannot afford it. It would be ideal if you get an online service to help you through the process, there are online services where you can buy assignment and essays. In the same way, a student can get a service to check their literature review.

Research Methodology

The methods and designs you will utilize to conduct your research are known as the research methodology. The chapter on research methodology discusses the way your approach to the research has helped you in proving your topic. In this chapter, you will present the approach you used to make the research; Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

This is also the time to show the procedure of the research method; The data collection tools you have used to make your research for example questionnaires, surveys, interviews, oral history, etc.

Data Analysis

The driest and difficult chapter to complete is the data analysis. You might need to bring out your chandler bing data processing skills for this chapter. In this chapter, you have to present all the data you have collected with the help of your research approach. Along with that, you need to discuss the data you have received.


To conclude the research paper, one must start from the beginning. Initiate with what you expected of the research and how the results turned out. Make a map from the introduction till the conclusion of the research paper. Make sure to cover every chapter briefly, mention how you have achieved your goal.

What are the Types of Business Research?

There are different types of research methods for business subjects. Some of which are used from the qualitative or quantitative approaches. Both of the approaches have their advantages and disadvantages and due to this reason. Most researchers and students have a mixed policy when it comes to business research papers. Even if you get business assignment help from online services, you will notice that their approach is a mixed one.

What are the different types that help a person to compose a business research paper?

Qualitative Approach:

This approach will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the market. You should be able to comprehend why a phenomenon in the business world exists. There are many ways you can get your results for a business research paper. There one on one interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, and case study research.

Quantitative Approach:

This approach will provide you with the numerical data that is needed to make a product successful in the market. This research approach is valuable for the researcher and students. The main ways for this approach are closed-ended questionnaires, surveys, experiments, and secondary data.

Business Research Paper Topics (10 Topics)

There are many research areas in the field of business that you can work on. The beauty of writing a business research paper is that you can choose almost any type of topic. These topics can be something you are passionate about. There are many exciting and interesting topics for a business research paper.

Here are the top 10 topics that you can choose from for your next research paper:

  • The impact of starting up your company on a small scale.
  • Family-owned businesses are more stable.
  • Trends of consumer behavior after the global pandemic.
  • Effective social media marketing tactics.
  • Online marketplace on Facebook.
  • Male dominating companies and its effect on woman’s pay gap.
  • A happy employee equals to happy business.
  • Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Networking between small businesses.
  • Team building strategies.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think it is wise to conquer your business research paper step by step? Follow this guide to achieve success.

How To Write A Statistics Assignment?

How To Write A Statistics Assignment? - Simple Guide For Students

 An assignment can be anything from a project, essay, and long-term homework. Any academic chore that can take you days or even weeks to complete. Assignments are usually given with some sort of guidelines from your professors to follow.

There are certain rules one must follow to get good grades in your assignments. You wouldn’t want your hard work to go to waste. Therefore always make sure to consult your supervisor or professor about the assignment you have received.

These assignments take up most of your coursework grades. These grades are then added to your final exams. It is vital that you know how you get those shiny grades without a hassle.

Be it any subject, an assignment can be impeccable and exceptional with just a few careful steps.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, and analyzing numerical data. Statistics helps a person makes future predictions for a subject. Apart from educational usage, statistics are widely used in your professional life as well. When you incorporate mathematics with science, you get statistics.
You can apply statistics to almost every other subject, be it social sciences, scientific problems, and business research predictions.

Statistics frameworks have different experiments and research designs that are used to make different studies possible. And in the professional world, statistics make it possible to make better decisions for investing.

Types of Statistics

Like any other subject, statistics have its subfields. These types of statistics also help make different types of statistics assignments. To know how to make your assignment, you need to be well acquainted with the types of statistics first.

Descriptive Statistics:

The unbiased observations made to help summarize the data are known as descriptive statistics. The summarization is made with the help of statistical analysis. The way you collect, organize and represent the data is descriptive statistics. For Example: “The number of people using the similar milk brand daily.”

Descriptive statistics are based on range and variance. These are taken out with the help of mode mean and median.

Inferential Statistics:

The inferential statistics follow the descriptive statistics to interpret the descriptive statistics. That means that after you make the descriptive statistics(collect data) you make a general statement about the data you have collected. You base your predictions on the understanding of the statistical analysis you made with descriptive statistics.

Role of Statistics in Education

The subject statistics is the essence of these subjects mathematics, economics, science, business, computer, and history. No matter what subject you study, statistics holds great importance. For most subjects, statistics is the main pillar that is holding a subject together.

The subjects that are based on statistics are data science, mathematics, psychology, education, medical sciences, and philosophy. If you were to eliminate statistics from the educational institutions, it would be like studying a subject without any base. Some even call it “the science of counting”.

But if you look at it carefully, it is the study of everything. Even when you get statistics assignment help you will notice how much stats are involved in your assignments. There are many types of statistics assignment that provide value to your academic career.

The world would be nothing without the theory of probability. The biggest projects become a success with the help of statistics (probability).

Group Analogy

To improve the performance of the overall class. An average grade is taken of the class for a subject. For instance, the class average is 70% in the subject science. With the provided data, teachers can make changes to the curriculum to improve the overall performance. Without the help of statistics, you cannot use variables to alter the results.

Individual Analogy

If you want to display a student’s improvement in the class, you need to make a statistical report. These reports are often given to students at the end of the term or the final exams.

Research Methodology

In educational institutes, students make research papers, assignments, and thesis. They require research methods and designs. These research methods use statistics subjects to collect the data, organize and analyze it.

Especially when you use quantitative research methodology, you have to utilize the laws of statistics to get the results. When you get a good assignment writing service you will notice how they use the statistical analysis to make your assignment worth reading.

How to Write Statistics Assignment?

Most students get confused when composing their statistics assignments. They do not know how to write statistics assignment for their class. They often get confused with the pattern and structure. The structure can be formed with the help of your supervisor but the basic way of writing an assignment should be something you know.

Pick a Topic :

The topic should be picked wisely. An assignment can take up to weeks to complete. If you choose a more complex topic then it can exceed the time. Therefore when you pick a topic, you need to make it more feasible for you. If you are given a choice by your supervisor, then always pick the topic you are more enthusiastic about. Be well aware of the different types of statistic assignment so that you can make a proper decision to pick your topic.

Make an Outline :

Do not underestimate the power of a solid outline. When you make an outline that maps your assignment. Then you can make an assignment a lot faster and easier. A good outline will eliminate unnecessary mistakes. It is like a brainstorming session with yourself. If you think you cannot compose a strong outline, you can get an assignment writing service to make one for you.

Collect the Data :

Collecting the relevant data is vital. Unless you want to be composing an assignment that doesn’t have any good background information, you should always do extensive research. This saves you time from rejection. Your assignment will not hold any value if you do not have valid information.

Evaluate the Data :

You need to support your assignment with supporting facts. When you work on an assignment, you need to evaluate the data. The assignment will not be complete when you do not make a revelation about the topic. The collected data will be analyzed and interpret then.

Provide References:

When you make an assignment, you will use other authors’ words to support your work. But if you do not give references in your assignment, your university will check your work for plagiarism. Your assignment will end up getting rejected.

What can a Statistics Assignment do for a Student?

The statistics assignment can help a student build analytical thinking and a lot of interpersonal skills. Some students lack these skills and prefer to get statistics assignment help from online writing services.  There are two major skills you learn from working on a statistics assignment.

Learn graphical display of data

Collecting and discussing data is pretty easy. But presenting that data on graphs makes you ready for the professional world. A student needs to learn to display data through assignments and reports. If you plan to work in an office, you need to learn these skills, and making a statistical assignment is a good practice for that.

Learn The Real-World Mathematics

It is a known fact that you hardly use algebra in your daily life. Real-world mathematics is only used when you apply statistics to other areas of your life. If you want to learn how they work in the real world( professional world) then you need to practice this skill on a statistic assignment.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think that writing your statistic assignment is easy? Or do you think you should just get services to complete it?
Dos and Donts in Academic Writing

The Dos And Don’ts In Academic Writing - Guide For Students

What exactly do you know about academic writing?


Are you also one of those who believe the myth that academic writing is illegal?


And, do you know its importance in a student’s life?

We are living in a world where education is now taught online and there is no other option than this. Understanding what academic writing is can help parents let their kids avail the benefits of online education. Its name describes what it is.

Academic writing is the writing done for any academic work or research paper. It can be of any subject irrespective of the needs of the student. It is majorly done by students, though since e-learning has started, many students avail services from online academic writers.

These are the writers who are considered unethical souls due to a myth saying academic writing is illegal and unethical. Many students who need The Assignment Help go for these academic writers to get their assignments done. This makes it unethical by some universities and colleges as they do not support outsourcing of home assignments they assign to students.

Though, academic writing has its generic importance. It can never stop because education can never be stopped until Armageddon happens. Students learn the uses of tools, critical analyzing, new techniques, and sometimes they learn to share what others can benefit from.

4 Types of Academic Writing

Are you aware of the types of Academic writing? Let’s discuss them.

4 types that every student or a content writer must know while writing about academic writing or while taking the assignment help for any academic assignment. They are as described:

  1. Persuasive Academic Writing
  2. Descriptive Academic Writing
  3. Analytical Academic Writing
  4. Critical Academic Writing

10 Do’s and Don’ts to Remember for Academic Writing

No. Do’s for Academic Writing Don’ts for Academic Writing
Use a formal tone while writing.
Don’t use too much formal tone while writing.
Add references and cite the sources you take from others.
Never use someone else’s material without giving them credits. It can be illegal if copyrights law is implied over you.
The use of simple and easy-to-understand words can help you keep your professor engaged reading your research, essay, or any writing.
Never use sloppy words as they can be the reason for pushing the audience away.
Write short sentences and try writing concise concepts that can help you generate a good audience.
Using long phrases and wordy sentences can be the reason that your teacher does not provide you good marks and does red markings for you not following the instructions.
You should have enough motivation before writing so that when you compile your information together on the page, you are halfway done.
Don’t write without concern as it will be a wastage of energy because your writing will have no legs nor any head that will make it irrelevant for your teacher awarding you a big zero on the front page.
Do take the assignment help from some professional or senior if you are facing any hurdle in your academic assignment.
Don’t outsource the academic assignments that are for your final year. This won’t help you in getting the marks for your efforts but someone else’s effort.
Try explaining the aim of your writing properly with intelligence. That means, more the simpler you are, chances are that you create exceptional content.
Don’t directly start with your topic. Starting directly is not considered a good writing format.
Structure your writing properly in chronological order setting the information flow according to its timeline.
A student or a writer should not imitate anyone else’s writing style or format. This is illegal and unethical under the copyrights law.
Add an introduction, main body, and a conclusion to your academic essay. This is the basic structure that every student must keep in their mind.
Avoid using repetitive sentences as it is very unprofessional and inexperienced. This tends to show that the writer or the student didn’t research well and wrote one point again and again to reach their word count.
Your writing should be well-sourced and unique. It can help you set a format according to 3 citation styles.
Never write your essay, research, literature review, a persuasive, analytical, or critical academic project in passive voice. It creates a bad impression as it is one of the basic requirements.

The Final Word:

So in the end, a quote to sum the efforts of this guide:

“Chasing your academic dreams is more like setting an educational future for the coming generations and yourself.”

The following table drawn above discusses dos and don’ts that every student and every writer must follow before doing their academic assignments. This blog post guide is the answer to the students who search for taking the assignment help or guidance that can help them write exceptional academic content. Therefore, students must know how they can change their academic style when they have the right knowledge.

basic components of an assignment

What Are The Basic Components Of An Assignment?

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought “These assignments will be the death of me”.

Why do you think students have an animosity towards assignments? Why do they put assignments as their last task in every list? Why do they end up handing in a bad assignment?

Well I have the answer for you right here. They don’t know what an assignment consists of. That’s right!

Your assignments have been rejected by professors so many times but you don’t know the reason why? That’s probably because you have not been able to construct one properly.

Most students are not familiar with the basic components of an assignment.

What makes an assignment readable and unique? How can you write one that gets you good grades?

What are Assignments?

An assignment can be anything; an essay paper, a homework, a group study, a research etc.

 Assignments are of different types but the main one used the most is the topic assignment. As the name indicates, this type of assignment is used to make a student understand everything about a topic.

For e.g. geology student can be asked to hand in an assignments on different type of rock formations. The student has to do tons of research on the topic, collect images, numerical data, and videos. His knowledge increases in this particular topic.

There’s no denying that assignments are time consuming and difficult. But if done right, it can be quite rewarding.

I still remember my history assignment on the notorious death of Julius Caesar. I had always disliked history but after that assignment, my passion for historical figures began. This is why assignments are important and should be a part of learning techniques.

Now let’s get into how we should construct it. Your assignment should be constructed according to the type of topic. Confused?

Don’t you worry! I am here to give you an insight on the main components of an assignment.

Components of an Assignment

Assignment Structure

The components of assignments do not vary. They stay the same. There should be a good amount of research before you begin your work.

You need to have a good grasp on the topic yourself. Confidence will reflect in your words.

Some students give up before trying and avail services such as write my assignment for me online. These assignments services can work quite well for you.
However I have with me today, a magical guide that will make your assignments flawless. Let’s get into it then, shall we?

The Outline

Yes! Every assignment deserves a good outline.

Just like any document, your assignment cannot be built without a good overview of your work. You will utilize this outline every time you start to get side tracked.

Outline will also help you structure your work. I mentioned before that a structure of your assignment changes with the type of your assignment. That’s why a solid outline of your work is important.


This section of your assignment will make claims of your topic.

Nothing does justice to an introduction like a thesis statement. Don’t ever skip this step, as everything else will just feel useless.

If it’s a university assignment, your professors are expecting you to do your research, make observations and write down all the information that you have absorbed. Your introduction will summarize all these elements.
There should be achievable promises and not baseless claims. The structure of your assignment should also be included in the introduction. Let me give you a case.

For e.g: A science student will have a three step structure. He will start with hypothesis, continue with the details of experiments conducted, and end it with the conclusion or observations made.

The structure has to be mentioned within the introduction to make it viable.

But how do you compose such a document? What type of writing style do you approach with?


All your research and findings make up the body of the assignment.

The purpose of your assignment is to make you learn something new. Therefore, when you conduct your research, there’s an expectation from the students to present the work. The body of an assignment has the most weight, in terms of the work.

How did you conduct your research? What methods did you use? Did you look into past papers? What helped you reach to your observations?

The body has all the key information.  How you go about the writing style is very crucial. That’s correct! Your writing style is a personal choice.

Some students prefer to take it from a broader structure to a narrower one which is called a deductive style. The type of research should be same as the writing style. Deductive research approach takes a general theory and points out the specific problem.

For e.g.
“There is a 12% increase in lung cancer cases since 2013. Some blame second hand smoke but the other blame the pollution”

This is a theory or hypothesis. You need to test this theory in order to confirm it. This style of writing and research allows the study to be deducted from a broader structure to a narrower one.

The inductive style is the total opposite way of conducting your research, and the same pattern is followed when you are writing about your findings. Inductive approach allows the narrower structure to give birth to a broader structure

For e.g:

“A dolphin needs water to exist. All fish need water to exist. All marine life needs water to exist”


All the arguments and discussion should be closed in this section. You should touch upon all the statements made above. 

You must repeat the aims and objectives you made in the introduction. Present that you have covered all the topics you talked about. Prove all your findings observations and closing the assignment.

Expert’s Tip

Our expert profession writers have tips that will turn your good assignment into an excellent one.

5 Best Universities for Students in New Zealand

5 Best Universities for Students in New Zealand

Imagine yourself living or studying in a country with beautiful landscapes, mountains covered in snow, and clean beaches. No tension of closure of outdoor or indoor activities before 8 or 10 pm, like so many countries facing lockdown situations at the moment.

Don’t know what country I am talking about?

A Happy Country “New Zealand”

It’s New Zealand! Yes! From tackling the covid-19 situation so well, it ranked at 9th place according to the world happiness report. New Zealand deserves our appreciation and why not?  In terms of health, education, economy, and quality of life, New Zealand rank high among other developed countries.

Internationally, New Zealand is well known for its high standards in education and beautiful landscapes. So, you should plan a vacation or apply for a student visa to kiwi land. It can be a paradise for both vacationers and students.

Here are the main key points why New Zealand is one of the most considered destinations for study:

Now I have covered all major key points about why u should study in New Zealand. Let’s explore the best five universities which you should consider for study.

The TOP Five:

1. The University Of Auckland- Auckland:

University of Auckland - Auckland

The very first on our list is The University of Auckland. The largest and the most prestigious public university established in 1883 situated in the heart of the “City of Sails” Auckland.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the university is at the 81st rank, beating seven other universities in the country.

The University of Auckland departments are as follows:

  1. Creative arts and industries.
  2. Business school.
  3. Medical and health sciences
  4. Education and social work
  5. Law
  6. Arts
  7. Science
  8. Engineering
  9. The English Language Academy (ELA)

Currently, more than 40,000 students are studying. Among them, 9,924 international students are representing 120 countries.

2. The University of Otago- Dunedin:

The University of Otago- Dunedin

Known for its high number of academic research and good research quality, The University of Otago is one of the oldest institutes in New Zealand founded in 1869. It is ranked at 184th position in the QS World University Rankings 2021 with high research output.

Around 20,000 students are registered in the university with a total of 3,585 international students.

The university is comprised of four divisions:

  1. Science and health sciences
  2. Humanities
  3. Commerce and business school

The university also ranks high in terms of campus due to the noble buildings and beautiful gardens. Not only the campus is beautiful but the surroundings are also breathtaking and delightful.

So, whenever you’ll feel stressed due to assignment deadlines, they will present a perfect reprieve. As you let any Assignment help NZ take care of your assignments while you go out for a walk to relax

3. Victoria University of Wellington- Wellington:

Victoria University of Wellington- Wellington

Wellington is the capital city and is best known for its historic landmarks and beautiful green parks. Wellington is considered to be the safest city in New Zealand and is in 18th position in the world.

Isn’t that incredible? If you are planning to study in New Zealand then, you should choose this city.

The famous public university in the city is known as the Victoria University of Wellington with very high research output and a 3,668 international student population.

The major courses of the university are:

  1. Business
  2. Computer science
  3. Architecture and design
  4. Engineering
  5. Health sciences.

You will never get bored because of the funky cafes, art shops, and coffee shops. As a student, you will be satisfied with off-campus life.

4. University of Canterbury- Christchurch:

University of Canterbury- Christchurch

The second oldest university in New Zealand is the University of Canterbury established in 1873. It is the only university in New Zealand led by two women. The state-of-the-art labs will help you to gain knowledge practically.

The major degree programs are:

  1. Business
  2. Law
  3. Sociology
  4. Engineering, Science, and arts

Research output is high with a 2,816 international student population.

5. University of Waikato- Hamilton:

University of Waikato- Hamilton

The last university on the list is the University of Waikato situated in Hamilton city established in 1964.

The university offers degree programs in the field of:

  1. Computing and mathematical sciences
  2. Health
  3. Engineering
  4. Law
  5. Social sciences and so on.

The special part of the university is that they arrange trips for international students. This will help you to make new friends and interact with the community.