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5 Best Universities for Students in New Zealand

5 Best Universities for Students in New Zealand

Imagine yourself living or studying in a country with beautiful landscapes, mountains covered in snow, and clean beaches. No tension of closure of outdoor or indoor activities before 8 or 10 pm, like so many countries facing lockdown situations at the moment.

Don’t know what country I am talking about?

A Happy Country “New Zealand”

It’s New Zealand! Yes! From tackling the covid-19 situation so well, it ranked at 9th place according to the world happiness report. New Zealand deserves our appreciation and why not?  In terms of health, education, economy, and quality of life, New Zealand rank high among other developed countries.

Internationally, New Zealand is well known for its high standards in education and beautiful landscapes. So, you should plan a vacation or apply for a student visa to kiwi land. It can be a paradise for both vacationers and students.

Here are the main key points why New Zealand is one of the most considered destinations for study:

Now I have covered all major key points about why u should study in New Zealand. Let’s explore the best five universities which you should consider for study.

The TOP Five:

1. The University Of Auckland- Auckland:

University of Auckland - Auckland

The very first on our list is The University of Auckland. The largest and the most prestigious public university established in 1883 situated in the heart of the “City of Sails” Auckland.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, the university is at the 81st rank, beating seven other universities in the country.

The University of Auckland departments are as follows:

  1. Creative arts and industries.
  2. Business school.
  3. Medical and health sciences
  4. Education and social work
  5. Law
  6. Arts
  7. Science
  8. Engineering
  9. The English Language Academy (ELA)

Currently, more than 40,000 students are studying. Among them, 9,924 international students are representing 120 countries.

2. The University of Otago- Dunedin:

The University of Otago- Dunedin

Known for its high number of academic research and good research quality, The University of Otago is one of the oldest institutes in New Zealand founded in 1869. It is ranked at 184th position in the QS World University Rankings 2021 with high research output.

Around 20,000 students are registered in the university with a total of 3,585 international students.

The university is comprised of four divisions:

  1. Science and health sciences
  2. Humanities
  3. Commerce and business school

The university also ranks high in terms of campus due to the noble buildings and beautiful gardens. Not only the campus is beautiful but the surroundings are also breathtaking and delightful.

So, whenever you’ll feel stressed due to assignment deadlines, they will present a perfect reprieve. As you let any Assignment help NZ take care of your assignments while you go out for a walk to relax

3. Victoria University of Wellington- Wellington:

Victoria University of Wellington- Wellington

Wellington is the capital city and is best known for its historic landmarks and beautiful green parks. Wellington is considered to be the safest city in New Zealand and is in 18th position in the world.

Isn’t that incredible? If you are planning to study in New Zealand then, you should choose this city.

The famous public university in the city is known as the Victoria University of Wellington with very high research output and a 3,668 international student population.

The major courses of the university are:

  1. Business
  2. Computer science
  3. Architecture and design
  4. Engineering
  5. Health sciences.

You will never get bored because of the funky cafes, art shops, and coffee shops. As a student, you will be satisfied with off-campus life.

4. University of Canterbury- Christchurch:

University of Canterbury- Christchurch

The second oldest university in New Zealand is the University of Canterbury established in 1873. It is the only university in New Zealand led by two women. The state-of-the-art labs will help you to gain knowledge practically.

The major degree programs are:

  1. Business
  2. Law
  3. Sociology
  4. Engineering, Science, and arts

Research output is high with a 2,816 international student population.

5. University of Waikato- Hamilton:

University of Waikato- Hamilton

The last university on the list is the University of Waikato situated in Hamilton city established in 1964.

The university offers degree programs in the field of:

  1. Computing and mathematical sciences
  2. Health
  3. Engineering
  4. Law
  5. Social sciences and so on.

The special part of the university is that they arrange trips for international students. This will help you to make new friends and interact with the community.

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