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7 Common Challenges for Scholarship Students: Tips to Overcome Them

Today, the reality is that life is becoming more and more expensive. Research all over the world says that people are facing the challenges due to the rise in the cost of living, housing, and also education. This rise in education costs shows that living expenses and tuition fees for the undergraduate as well as post-graduates are intolerable. Therefore, a secure way to protect the education of students is through a scholarship.

But how much difficult it is to get it? We have discussed what is common challenges for scholarship student and how can one successfully overcome them.

What Is The Common Challenges For Scholarship Student?

A scholarship student is facing many challenges during the process of applying for a scholarship. 7 challenges have been discussed below.

1. In an ocean of scholarships, it’s difficult to find and apply for the right one

Almost every university or college offers scholarships for students who are hardworking and have good grades but can not afford to study more. Professional associations, nonprofit organizations, and charitable groups offer thousands of scholarships. In addition to this, some private corporations and firms, government agencies, and individuals also participate in offering scholarships. Searching for them in an ocean of disorganized information known as the “Internet” and applying to those for which you are eligible is a very time taking process.

Moreover, making the wrong decision will lead to failure in meeting deadlines and application requirements. In the end, this leads to losing a whole academic year.

2. Biased access to scholarships

Every scholarship has different eligibility requirements. Since, it is evaluated based on factors like test scores, grade points, academic talent, or other requirements that the donor set. It means that access to scholarships can be discriminatory. It can be only accessible to a small number of applicants that match the criteria of ethnicity and religion.

3. Poor student communications

Students do not get the right information for what’s required from them. And also, they do not have an idea of when is the deadline for submission, or how and where they have to submit it.

4. Scholarship scams

Many scholarship scams on the internet are taking advantage of students who are looking for help to fund their education. Fraudsters target needy scholarship applicants and try to steal money, banking details, personal information, etc.

5. Lengthy applications

Students have to provide the same information again and again while filling out the application form. Along with this, they have to answer several questions to stand out from many applicants. They feel very frustrated because of completing a lengthy application.

6. Minimal transparency

Students do not have an idea of how many opportunities or the amount they will require for applying for an application.

7. Inappropriate selection of consultancy

Having an inappropriate consultant can misguide the applicant. They may do it to take money from students. Due to this students select the university they are not suitable for.

What Are The Important Tips For Scholarship Student?

Getting scholarships to fund education is a goal of every individual with the dream of going to college/university. There are several scholarships for students whether or not they know how to search for them. The important point is that they need to find and apply for the best scholarship for them. They have to ignore all the scams and unsuitable criteria. To do that, some important tips for scholarship student we have discussed below to help find scholarships that can lower college costs.

Start early (before junior year)

You do not need to wait until junior year to start applying for scholarships. Starting very soon gives you more time to research which scholarships are worth your energy and time. After knowing the best options, you will have a lot of time to complete the applications that other students may have skipped. Many scholarships are available for students in their first and second years at their universities. Therefore, they need to avail those applications as soon as possible.

Use a scholarship-matching tool

Those days are gone when you were applying with paper applications at the counselor’s office under their guidance. Today, you can search for a lot of data for available scholarships online. Through filters and keywords, you can find the one that fits your experiences, interests, background, and qualifications. Consider those scholarships you are a good match for and rule out those where you don’t meet the requirements.

Lean on your advisor

You can take help from a high school counselor or college advisor to find the right scholarship for you. They will help you with which scholarships are best for you. And also, they will often take time to review your submissions and help you improve your essay and applications. You can check out past scholarship winners and how they approached their submissions. It will help you focus your search so that it serves your needs more efficiently.

Tap into your network

Spread the words that you are looking for a scholarship to your friends, teachers, and members of your community. And also, ask your parents to check with their friends and the HR department at work about scholarships for family members.

Many scholarships are usually offered locally and they are not advertised specifically. You can find them through the high school counselor, in the local paper, or at the library. Moreover, check in directly with community organizations, local businesses, and foundations if they are offering any scholarships.

Polish your online presence

When you apply for scholarships, the person reviewing your application may search for you. Therefore, you need to make sure they find the right kind of results. Many students choose to put privacy on social media, so you need to know that there are many other ways for colleges to see what you post. It will be a good idea to refresh your LinkedIn profile and social media accounts to control what searchers will find.

Look beyond your grades

It is not necessary to have a 4.0 CGPA to be eligible for scholarships. Some institutes don’t even take grades into account. Apart from CGPA, it’s crucial to find a way to stand out from the crowd on your applications. You have to think about what makes you more qualified and deserving of a particular scholarship before start filling out an application.

Consider special talents or skills you have. It may be leadership skills. Find out where you excel and what means a lot to you and just concentrate on that. Your passion will be shown when it comes time to define your extracurricular activities in your scholarship applications.

How to apply for scholarships?

The process for applying for scholarships is explained below to help you get the scholarship.

Create a list

Note down the list of activities, organizations, interests, companies, or other topics for which you believe you will get scholarships. For example, if you are passionate about public speaking, then you can write about it. Try to make a list of 20 – 30 items.

Google search method

Type one keyword on google from the list you have made plus the word “scholarship”. For example, for public speaking, you can write public speaking scholarship, or replace the word with other items from your list and hit search.

Narrow your results

Go through the search results by focusing mainly on particular foundations, companies, organizations, or websites. You can use some common sites such as or But it is suggested to avoid these if you can. Because we aim to go directly to the source rather than going to the scholarship search engine.

Check for scams

You need to be careful while applying for scholarships. Check whether or not the scholarships you find are a scam.


Save the appropriate scholarships in an excel spreadsheet or a word doc. Rinse and repeat this process. In the end, you will have easily 10-15 scholarships to apply to.

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