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What Are The Basic Components Of An Assignment?

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought “These assignments will be the death of me”.

Why do you think students have an animosity towards assignments? Why do they put assignments as their last task in every list? Why do they end up handing in a bad assignment?

Well I have the answer for you right here. They don’t know what an assignment consists of. That’s right!

Your assignments have been rejected by professors so many times but you don’t know the reason why? That’s probably because you have not been able to construct one properly.

Most students are not familiar with the basic components of an assignment.

What makes an assignment readable and unique? How can you write one that gets you good grades?

What are Assignments?

An assignment can be anything; an essay paper, a homework, a group study, a research etc.

 Assignments are of different types but the main one used the most is the topic assignment. As the name indicates, this type of assignment is used to make a student understand everything about a topic.

For e.g. geology student can be asked to hand in an assignments on different type of rock formations. The student has to do tons of research on the topic, collect images, numerical data, and videos. His knowledge increases in this particular topic.

There’s no denying that assignments are time consuming and difficult. But if done right, it can be quite rewarding.

I still remember my history assignment on the notorious death of Julius Caesar. I had always disliked history but after that assignment, my passion for historical figures began. This is why assignments are important and should be a part of learning techniques.

Now let’s get into how we should construct it. Your assignment should be constructed according to the type of topic. Confused?

Don’t you worry! I am here to give you an insight on the main components of an assignment.

Components of an Assignment

Assignment Structure

The components of assignments do not vary. They stay the same. There should be a good amount of research before you begin your work.

You need to have a good grasp on the topic yourself. Confidence will reflect in your words.

Some students give up before trying and avail services such as write my assignment for me online. These assignments services can work quite well for you.
However I have with me today, a magical guide that will make your assignments flawless. Let’s get into it then, shall we?

The Outline

Yes! Every assignment deserves a good outline.

Just like any document, your assignment cannot be built without a good overview of your work. You will utilize this outline every time you start to get side tracked.

Outline will also help you structure your work. I mentioned before that a structure of your assignment changes with the type of your assignment. That’s why a solid outline of your work is important.


This section of your assignment will make claims of your topic.

Nothing does justice to an introduction like a thesis statement. Don’t ever skip this step, as everything else will just feel useless.

If it’s a university assignment, your professors are expecting you to do your research, make observations and write down all the information that you have absorbed. Your introduction will summarize all these elements.
There should be achievable promises and not baseless claims. The structure of your assignment should also be included in the introduction. Let me give you a case.

For e.g: A science student will have a three step structure. He will start with hypothesis, continue with the details of experiments conducted, and end it with the conclusion or observations made.

The structure has to be mentioned within the introduction to make it viable.

But how do you compose such a document? What type of writing style do you approach with?


All your research and findings make up the body of the assignment.

The purpose of your assignment is to make you learn something new. Therefore, when you conduct your research, there’s an expectation from the students to present the work. The body of an assignment has the most weight, in terms of the work.

How did you conduct your research? What methods did you use? Did you look into past papers? What helped you reach to your observations?

The body has all the key information.  How you go about the writing style is very crucial. That’s correct! Your writing style is a personal choice.

Some students prefer to take it from a broader structure to a narrower one which is called a deductive style. The type of research should be same as the writing style. Deductive research approach takes a general theory and points out the specific problem.

For e.g.
“There is a 12% increase in lung cancer cases since 2013. Some blame second hand smoke but the other blame the pollution”

This is a theory or hypothesis. You need to test this theory in order to confirm it. This style of writing and research allows the study to be deducted from a broader structure to a narrower one.

The inductive style is the total opposite way of conducting your research, and the same pattern is followed when you are writing about your findings. Inductive approach allows the narrower structure to give birth to a broader structure

For e.g:

“A dolphin needs water to exist. All fish need water to exist. All marine life needs water to exist”


All the arguments and discussion should be closed in this section. You should touch upon all the statements made above. 

You must repeat the aims and objectives you made in the introduction. Present that you have covered all the topics you talked about. Prove all your findings observations and closing the assignment.

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