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How To Write a Business Research Paper?

How To Write A Business Research Paper? - A Simple Guide For Students

“To find, search, analyze, and then conclude is the golden path to research”

A research paper is a fulfilling achievement. It is a significant milestone in your academic career that pays off well later in your professional life. When you compose your research paper, you gain experience in composing an extensive and official document. This makes it easier for you to compose such documents in your professional life. But writing a research paper requires discipline and analytical thinking.

Without these two qualities, your research paper will take longer than expected.
Therefore, one should make sure to follow few steps to make your research paper worth reading.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an essay or assignment that produces adds information to the existing one of a topic. It is a paper that talks about a topic in-depth. Addresses all the aspects of the topic to make sure that the reader gathers better data about a topic. Most research papers are written by academic scholars and students in specific journals.

These journals have a very strong screening process. They analyze the research paper in depth. Check the references, verify the sources and have a one on one interview with the writer itself.

To compose a relevant research paper, one has to carefully use the steps. Writing your research paper should be an easy task once you get the gist of the tips.

Why Business Studies is Popular in Education?

The subject Business Studies is one of the most popular subjects. More and more students are enrolling in the business studies degree program. But why? Could it be due to the increase in business interest among the Millenials and Gen Z? There are many reasons why business studies are frequently chosen by students. Let us have a look into them, shall we?

  • As a student of Business Studies, you learn skills such as management, administration, and authority.
  • Business Studies subjects build characteristics such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation in students.
  • You understand how professional life works. You learn how to fulfill goals at an ideal time.
  • Since you are related to different industries when you study business studies. You learn how other companies and businesses function.
  • Business studies allow you to incorporate your passion with your field of study. Do you like to bake pastries? You can open up a bakery shop, use your business skills to make it a success.

How to Write a Business Research Paper?

Over the years students and professors have written many exceptional business research papers. These papers have served their purpose of contributing relevant information to their field. If you want your research paper to be remarkable, then you have to mimic what these scholars have done. We have a guide for you that will help you write your business research paper flawlessly.

1. Pick the correct topic

If you thinking about a research paper, you probably have a topic in your mind. There must be a research gap you noticed in your academic career. Or you are just passionate about the topic. But does that does not mean that you can pick any topic you like? You have to be very sure about your topic. You need to have confidence in your topic.

Picking a topic that you are emotional about, will make you blind to its limitations. You need to be sure that the topic you picked has a solid background for your literature review and that the topic can defend itself in case someone does a thorough examination of your research paper.

2. Collect the relevant information

When you want to discuss your research topic, you collect information on it. You check background, history, current and future predictions about the topic. But if the information is not valid or relevant, it doesn’t take much time for your research paper to be rejected. Therefore, make sure the information you are providing to the masses is compatible with the objective of your topic.

For example, if your topic is about “Is there an immediate growth in online market places, due to the global pandemic?”

This topic requires tons of background research and comparison with current affairs. Your research paper should include statistics about the online marketplace. Get the proper data about the growth in the marketplace and also the reason for the decrease in the conventional marketplace.

3. Construct an outline

An outline will reduce the number of human errors you make. When you have a solid outline in front of you, then composing an official document will be a piece of cake. An outline will include the proper structure required to make the research paper. Most students do not know how to write a business research paper because they do not believe in the power of an outline. Being organized with your points will pay off when it’s time to write.

4. Have it proofread

Before you hand in your business assignment help you have your classmate proofread to maintain the quality. In the same way, you have to have your business research paper checked by a classmate or a service that offers such service.

Structure of Business Research Paper

The structure of a business research paper should be concise and precise. There should not be any vague points in the research, every element should be addressed properly. The only way to make your research paper a solid one is by keeping the structure strong. But what is the right structure? You need to be well acquainted with different business research papers to be sure of how to structure them.

The Introduction

One of the most significant chapters of your research paper is the introduction. It should be well structured. The first impression is the last impression when it comes to introduction.

You have to keep the structure flowing pleasantly. To do that one should make sure to introduce the topic in three W’s. What your topic is about? Why do you want to research it? And What methodology will you use to do it?

Literature Review

A literature review holds the most of the value when it comes to comparing the distribution of data in your research paper. The chapter of literature review has so much weight that it is often known as the heart of the research paper or thesis.

The structure of the literature review should be flawless. Even the tiniest mistakes can make your literature review weak and as a student, you cannot afford it. It would be ideal if you get an online service to help you through the process, there are online services where you can buy assignment and essays. In the same way, a student can get a service to check their literature review.

Research Methodology

The methods and designs you will utilize to conduct your research are known as the research methodology. The chapter on research methodology discusses the way your approach to the research has helped you in proving your topic. In this chapter, you will present the approach you used to make the research; Qualitative and Quantitative methods.

This is also the time to show the procedure of the research method; The data collection tools you have used to make your research for example questionnaires, surveys, interviews, oral history, etc.

Data Analysis

The driest and difficult chapter to complete is the data analysis. You might need to bring out your chandler bing data processing skills for this chapter. In this chapter, you have to present all the data you have collected with the help of your research approach. Along with that, you need to discuss the data you have received.


To conclude the research paper, one must start from the beginning. Initiate with what you expected of the research and how the results turned out. Make a map from the introduction till the conclusion of the research paper. Make sure to cover every chapter briefly, mention how you have achieved your goal.

What are the Types of Business Research?

There are different types of research methods for business subjects. Some of which are used from the qualitative or quantitative approaches. Both of the approaches have their advantages and disadvantages and due to this reason. Most researchers and students have a mixed policy when it comes to business research papers. Even if you get business assignment help from online services, you will notice that their approach is a mixed one.

What are the different types that help a person to compose a business research paper?

Qualitative Approach:

This approach will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the market. You should be able to comprehend why a phenomenon in the business world exists. There are many ways you can get your results for a business research paper. There one on one interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, and case study research.

Quantitative Approach:

This approach will provide you with the numerical data that is needed to make a product successful in the market. This research approach is valuable for the researcher and students. The main ways for this approach are closed-ended questionnaires, surveys, experiments, and secondary data.

Business Research Paper Topics (10 Topics)

There are many research areas in the field of business that you can work on. The beauty of writing a business research paper is that you can choose almost any type of topic. These topics can be something you are passionate about. There are many exciting and interesting topics for a business research paper.

Here are the top 10 topics that you can choose from for your next research paper:

  • The impact of starting up your company on a small scale.
  • Family-owned businesses are more stable.
  • Trends of consumer behavior after the global pandemic.
  • Effective social media marketing tactics.
  • Online marketplace on Facebook.
  • Male dominating companies and its effect on woman’s pay gap.
  • A happy employee equals to happy business.
  • Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Networking between small businesses.
  • Team building strategies.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think it is wise to conquer your business research paper step by step? Follow this guide to achieve success.

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